FMA Appreciates All the Generosity

The students of the Financial Management Association at Indiana State University wanted to give a shout out to the people who helped in planning this trip. We also had some sponsors that need recognized. We really appreciate all the help we have received in the past. We also want to help continue these relationships for the future.

These people made this trip possible:

Connia Nelson is the alumna that set up the Verizon visit for us. Thanks Connia!

Joe Evelo is the alumnus that set up the Merrill Lynch visits for both groups. Thanks Joe!

Matt Minnis is the alumnus that set up the alumni dinner. He also had dinner with us. Thanks Matt!

Cate Cetta helped us get in to watch the CNBC Fast Money episode. Thanks Cate!

ISU alumnus John Spath helped us set up our visit to Aon. Thanks John!

Jacky Wu spoke at Verizon, ate lunch with us, and let us ask tons of questions. Thanks Jacky!

Tracy Shaughnessy set up the Nomura visit for us. Thanks Tracy!

Nick Frangas talked to us at Merrill Lynch about Equity. Thanks Nick!

Marty Mauro talked to us at Merrill Lynch about Fixed Income. Thanks Marty!

Maria Greninger helped us get in touch with our alumni and set up our events. She put tons of energy into making this trip a success. Thanks Maria!

Our Sponsors:

The Scott College of Business

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